Around Alauksts 2018 will take place on 10 February, on Sunday

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In 2018, the cross-country ski marathon Around Alauksts will celebrate its 25th anniversary and will be held on Sunday, 10 February 2018 at the picturesque lake Alaukts (Vidzeme Region, Vecpiebalga, 125 km away from Riga).

The cross-country ski marathon Around Alauksts has been taking place since 1984 and is the people’s most popular winter sports event in Latvia, the second largest ski marathon in the Baltic States which has also gained international recognition.

The picturesque lake Alauksts is located 125 km away from Riga and 49 km away from Cesis.

Apkārt AlaukstamKarlis Skalbe said in his poem, “As a sword stabbed in the pine wreath, does Alauksts shine surrounded by dark spruces”. Here it sleeps just as beautiful and picturesque and tameless as in those times. Alauksts is one of the highest lakes in Latvia. It has an area of 7.8 km2, the greatest depth up to 7 m, and it is wondrously beautiful in winter. The marathon’s longest distance (22 km) will take you around this beautiful lake.

This ski marathon is special because the ski race around the lake Alauksts is prepared solely for this marathon shortly before the event. In everyday life, there is a human intact Alauksts bank and untamed nature while once a year it brings together more than 1,500 cross-country ski lovers.

Let’s ski together!

Cross-country skiing is a great way of active recreation for the whole family that is why we have prepared three distances for all skill levels – children, families, ski enthusiasts, family, friends and professionals.

Up to 1 km – kids distance

Let the youngest skiers discover the joy of skiing! Children will be awarded in four age groups of boys and girls competition. The awards ceremony will take place immediately after the last group of children will have finished so that the little achievers do not have to wait until the adult awards ceremony.

7 km – health distance

Participation in this distance in not a competition for the result but rather an opportunity to prove oneself as a creative follower of the healthy and active lifestyle. This distance is also called the distance of the Stylish because the Jury will evaluate and reward the most attractive participants by assessing their outfits, style of skiing, ski design and team presentation. Here is the right place for imagination! Of course, the competition spirit remains inevitable since three fastest men and three fastest ladies will be rewarded

22 km – people’s distance

The distance that will take you around the scenic bank of the lake Alauksts. This is the distance for the strong ones and professionals. For those for whom cross-country skiing is a way of life rather than just recreation. For those within whom the competition spirit and the desire to win live. This distance gathers the best cross-country skiers and biathletes from Latvia and neighbouring countries.

Prizes and entertainment

It is more than just a marathon! The winners (1st-3rd place) and those finishing the 101st, 201st, 301st and so on will be awarded prize money. Those who participate in the marathon for the 10th, 15th, 20th or even 25th time will be specially honoured.