The oldest, largest and most loved since 1984

Apkārt Alaukstam 1984. gads Alauksts 1984

By Decision No. 2 of 31 January 1983 On Physical Culture Work in Vecpiebalga Village and Measures to Improve It, the Vecpiebalga village Council of People’s Deputies requested the collective farm Alauksts and its sports group president Aivars Avens to organise a winter skiing competition. The whole family is at the Start but the ski race did not happen. However, instead of that competition, an entertainment skiing event around the lake Alauksts was organised (information taken from a reference found in the Latvian National Archive).

The first cross-country skiing event took place on 26 February 1984 when we were still unaware that after seven years our Latvia will regain its independence. Here is a mystery wrapped Alauksts and we start our way along the untamed skiing course, enjoy the pleasure of being together, appreciate the untouched winter and snowy rural charm of the picturesque Vidzeme. The Around Alauksts cross-country skiing event brought together families, friends and closest neighbours of the employees of the then Alauksts collective farm as well as the representatives of cooperation organisations from Riga – artists, theatre and museum employees.

Since 16 February 1986, the cross-country ski marathon (popularly known as the ski race) has been taking place in sportier atmosphere and with a considerably greater number of participants and still remains the largest, oldest and most loved cross-country ski marathon in Latvia and the second largest in the Baltics.

Each year, in the Around Alauksts event the best Latvian current and former cross-country skiers, biathletes, including many Olympic participants participate as well as the representatives of other sports, i.e. motocross riders, orienteering sport representatives and many public figures.

The year 2018 is the year of the 25th Anniversary

Apkārt Alaukstam, 1991. gadsAlauksts 1991

In 2018, the marathon will celebrate its 25th Anniversary. A quarter of a hundred. Overall,  more than 6,000 participants took part in the marathon. It is a tradition-rich event where the memories that can be obtained only here are born.

Due to political changes and economic situation, the cross-country ski marathon did not happen in 1989 and 1990, but then was brought back thanks to the irreplacable organisers and tradition keepers responsible for the organisation of the cross-country skiing event, i.e. Aivars Avens and Egils Johansson. Due to the lack of snow, Around Alauksts did not happen in 2016.

A tradition of three generations

Apkārt AlaukstamAlauksts 1991

My dad was young and stately, I was just a little boy, barely able to stand on skis. This was my very first skiing experience. Now, my children also skig here. The Around Alauksts cross-country skiing is a long-standing and a very loved tradition in our family. The atmosphere, the time spent with the loved ones and nature provide great emotions. I promise that when you come here you will feel it yourselves! Share the joy of skiing with others!

Included in the list of elite European Ski Marathons

Apkārt Alaukstam, 1987. gadsAround Alauksts 1987

In 2010, Around Alauksts was included in the prestigious international Euroloppet series of cross-country skiing marathons.

Organized by the Sports Club Alauksts         

Apkārt Alaukstam, 2001. gadsAlauksts 2001

Around Alauksts was organized by the Sports Club Alauksts founded in 2006. Founders of the Club are the first marathon organiser and his friends, long-standing supporters of the event. Along with Aivars Avens, Uvis Avens responsible for maintaining the relationships with other sports clubs, federations and sports associations in Latvia and abroad also works in the Club. Egils Johanssons is also involved in the event organization.